Thursday, April 24, 2014

Saudi or Korea?

Saudi or Korea? Why these 2 countries? Yes, now I no more working with Freescale... I left Freescale ~1 year ady... Now working with Omega Integration at Nusajaya, Johor as a Service Engineer here... Its a good company but yeah all company will have their own problem right... But here I dun wanna mention anything 'bout the bad side of this company... Juz thinking positive bcoz I'm here to find money... I enjoy working here with my frens... N I can learn a lot here compare to previous company... N here oso I can find the job that suite me well n the expectation when I start working here matched with what I am doing here right now... So I dun think I hv any issue working here as I love what I do here... Juz compared to position I work at Freescale before, my expectation during interview n my actual job scope wasn't what I want... But I hv to stay quiet long bcoz its really hard to get new job n I wanna go out from factory work... Lucky Omega called me n offer me this job n gv me chance to learn here...

Ok back to the topic... Why Saudi pr Korea? Actually I'm in standby mode to go tp Saudi to do some config for Cisco switch at site there... My fren suppose to go but his wife juz delivered their new born baby last week n he asked for excuse for the site job... If 1 ~ 2 weeks shd b ok for him but this customer require us to stay ~2 mths there... He felt guilty to left his wife alone taking care of their new born baby so he asking for delay... He only available to go there if customer need mobilisation (mob) end of may... If they require us to go early the my fren can't go... Somemore he oso not familiar with the system especially need to do the config on the switch n router for LAN n PABX system... Me oso not really familiar but I used to do some simple config for previous project... Since we dun hv proper training on this so dun really confident to complete this task... But if our boss ask to go then we dun hv any other choice... Juz go n b prepared to face the customer... This is really not good n I dun feel like I wanna go there...

Ok next is Korea. What happen to Korea? Yes, I went to before to do some testing for pre-commissioning for Atwood 2 drillship at DSME shipyard for ~6 weeks... Here I did for PAGA system... Not really tough but a bit leceh la bcoz u need to check a lot of speakers in the vessel... Really tiring n somemore I went during winter season n its very cold outside n I'm freezing when walking along the vessel outside... But now I think the system is almost ready for commissioning n customer will ask to commission soon... Dun really care 'bout the vessel... Today I went to Singapore office to do some work there n I met the team lead there... Yes I quiet close to him n used to gv me best review for my confirmation end of last year... We having some chit chat n he said he going Korea early May n asking me whether I wanna join him or not... There got a lots of work n he need me to replace my colleauge who will coming back tomorrow... Since he didn't get any complaint on me during my last visit then he think he shd bring me there again to complete the task... N of coz I straight away accept the offer... But I did inform him that I'm standby to go Saudi nhe said small matter n will talk to my boss... Seems like he really want me to go there with him... But he will not stay long up to 2 mths as I will... He will stay there for 2 weeks only... I dun really care 'bout how long he will stay but I do care which site I will go...

Ok now I think u guys understand why Saudi or Korea right? Now its time for me to make a decision... If I were given a choice to choose whether Saudi or Korea, I will choose Korea. Why Korea n why not Saudi? Its simple, bcoz the task at Korea I confident to complete... But the task at Saudi will make me die there... Of coz I'm not going alone to the site but my colleague will go together oso not really know the config... Easy to say, we juz book a ticket to die if we go there... But if I go Saudi, it will gv me more challenge n I can learn a lot on the config... But as I told before, we dun hv proper training on this... N there we both dun really know the config... If I go with someone that really know the config then its ok... I'm sure I can learn a lot there... But if both of us dun know then how we can solve the issue? Somemore we are required to gv training to the Arabian guy... How we going to train them since we oso dun understand? That's the big issue... Both hv pros n cons la... If go Korea my job maybe not as difficult as in Saudi but at Korea I will be very busy bcoz there are a lots of work I hv to do... My fren oso said mybe next month Songa 3 will ready to board... Now hv Songa 1 n Songa 2... Oso hv Atwood 3 I hv to work on... N here I need to cover all systems not focusing on 1 system only... But for Saudi only 2 systems, LAN n PABX... Oso if I go Saudi I will hv no issue to eat whateva I want bcoz I can easily find halal food there... But if Korea, its very hard to find halal food there... So that's the challenge... I can choose which ever I wanna go but after all I hv to follow my boss... If my boss said Saudi then I hv to go Saudi... But if my boss said Korea then its my luck la... Whateva it is, I hv to be prepared n ready for any decision made by my boss... At the end of the day, what I really need is physically n metally prepared to do job n complete the task given as much as I can... Gud luck!!!

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