Saturday, March 13, 2010

Camera oh camera

what??digicam?talk about this stuff i have a funny story brother borrowed my aunt's camera..n last CNY holiday he went back home n returned the camera la...then he went to kedah for his fren's wedding...

on sunday morning my aunt called me asking about the camera...she asked for the charger...she said that the digicam comes without the charger to her but the camera already at shah alam because my uncle want to borrow the camera...her daughter brought it on the previous night (saturday night la...) but she don't asked for the charger b4 her daughter came back to shah alam...she asked me to bring the charger here...on the last few hour i did searched for the house to find the charger..i called my brother but he never answered...maybe he busy i sent him a message hope he reply la....i waited for few hours but still have no answer from him..arghh!!!i'm getting crazy...i called him back but still no answer...

ok now 7pm...3 n half hours b4 my depart to shah alam...i got an idea!!hahaha i went my laptop and on the ym hoping that he online...but stilll i went to facebook...yeah i got him!!!!he was onlined!!hehe but he on the ideal i still can't reach him yet...huhu but i sent him msg tru facebook chat...n about half an hour he replied me...u know what his answer???the charger with him!!arghh!!!!!tension2!!!i spent all the day finding that stuff n at last i knew that stuff was with him...i told my mom n she asked me to tell my brother to post the charger to my uncle a.s.a.p because he will go to japan for biz trip n need the camera...then i told my brother mum asked me to close my mouth so that my dad don't know about this...if he know, he will start to membebel2 i shut my mouth up...

last week i met my uncle at Bigfood Restaurant (the last entry i posted b4)...then i talked to him la about the charger...he said my brother don't post it..but he don't mind about that because he borrowed his company's digicam charger...when he came home to charge the battery one strange thing happened...the camera didn't show any reaction...he check the camera out la...n what he found????there's no battery inside it!!!so it useless to have a charger without!!!my brother is sooo goooood la....he took out the charger n battery out of the camera so nobody can use it....hahahahahaha so moral of the story...if u lent someone stuff..make sure u check it back after he/she return that stuff...maybe he/she forgot to give the unseen stuff like battery on the above dan slmt beramal :DDDD

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